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No Phone call from Nubody's yet, which makes me believe that I did not get the job. The job didn’t sound that amazing. I’m not a sales person and I hate sales people! But this job would have put me out of my comfort Zone and actually made me work for something, which I haven’t had to do for a really long time. Plus there head office is here in Dartmouth and they promote within. So If I was to get on with Nubody’s I actually had a chance of getting in to a marketing department!



I don’t see myself at this new job. My two weeks is in at sobeys and I am supposed to be heading in to sign the contract today, yet I still don’t “see” myself there. It’s not a great job either. The pay and hours are good but there is very little work. The benefit of this job is that when the term position is up I will be more qualified to take a job in a company as an administrative assistant and hope they move me to their marketing department in a few years. So really it’s about 3 steps behind Nubody’s but still a step I guess. I could be surprised but it sounds like I will be board out of my mind there. There isn’t a lot to do but I need to grow up, I guess this is how to do it? Leaving Sobeys right now is the only decision I am sure of! So I guess it doesn’t matter what I do as long as I am gone!





Anyway, I am going to take a shower and then call Nubody’s. I want a personal rejection, I’m not letting them off the hook with a letter! lol


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October 2008

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