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I just found out there is no such thing as the real world

 Ok, Here I am, I'm back! (Are you excited Sara?)

So I have to laugh a little here, reading my heading; "I just found out there is no such thing as the real world". A lyric from a John Mayer song obviously. But at the time I meant it as ironic. I hated that everyone always said "hurry up and get ready for the real world" when we were in high school or university. As if we had zero responsibilities when we were in school and lived in a world of freedom and bliss. But now, more then ever to I believe in that title. I have been living in the real world for an awful long time now and nothing at all has changed. I'd like to know what big changes happened for those people who started the "Welcome to the real world" phrase? Cause in my world, everything is pretty much the same as high school. You never get rid of those katty girls, or the back stabbing or the eager brown noser... now its just that are bills start getting higher. That’s the only difference I have found

Today, my father brought home a business card from a friend of his who works for a marketing company. He says he doesn't think they need anyone at the moment but he has a lot of connections and is willing to pass my resume around and put a good word in for me (not that we have ever met). I'm in a serious need to get out of Sobeys (aka Hell). I usually go through a phase where I am miserable and just want out so bad and then I get back to being comfortable and am not trying as hard to get out. Its different now, I am comfortable but I still know I need to get out. I am going to send my resume openly into some event companies that I found in Halifax. I desperately want to be an event planner but can not seem to find any signs of ways break into that industry. If I don't get an interview in the next week or to I am going to break down and apply for jobs out of province. I really don't want to, but it is time. Plus the Psychic said I would be living in a bigger province then Nova Scotia... so of course that must be true!

 Later Days

Beth :)


Hooray for being back!
Boo about maybe moving out of province...

October 2008

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