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Ok, So Shopaholic much?
The mama and me went shopping today (it was her birthday yesterday) and it was really nice. Normally I get really annoyed when I go shopping with her, one reason being we are usually going shopping for me and I can’t find anything and she finds a million things and isn’t even suppose to be buying anything. And two: I’m an odd duck and prefer to shop on my own.

But anyways, It was a nice time and she came out with some really nice clothes. And for me, it was so much nicer to be able to go into a store and try things on and have pretty much everything fit, and look the way I would think they are meant to. I always use to go shopping, take 10 things (If I could even find that much) in the changing room and be lucky if I though 1 outfit looked ok. But today, I found a tone of things to try on and almost everything came home with me.

I found a really nice white blazer, but I figured by the time I need to start wearing that kind of thing it would be to hot, and then when blazers were back in, white would be out of style…. Not that I’m a style follower… you need style for that… but white really is only nice at certain times. So anyways, the blazer stayed in the store. But I did come home with:

3 shirts, 3 skirts, a pair of shoes, 2 pairs of flip flops, a beach bag, 2 beach towels, and a bathing suit. So really, that’s not all that much. But for me… that’s a whole summers worth of shopping (last year anyways)

Plus the good thing is, two of the shirts and two of the skirts go well with a few things I all ready had, so I’ve actually made at least 4 outfits out of just those, so I’m happy.



October 2008

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